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Farewell to Derry

Lyrics and music sheets from the album Farewell to Derry

It's not always easy to forget the sod from which you sprung; whoever you are and wherever you are from, whether it be Derry or Gdansk.

Only the experience of exile can evoke such deep longing for a homeland.

Some of our finest Irish songs address this theme.

The older the emigrant, the call of home and boyhood days often seems to pull more reflectively and romantically on the memory and heartstrings.

Although the main character in the title track emigrated at seventeen, my uncle Sean first left for Scotland at fourteen.

My other uncles Tommy and Hugh also emigrated for want of work and spent a lifetime in the Liverpool area.

In regard to working in 'steel, sweat and fire' as described in the song, as uncle Charles died in a blast furnace incident in Glasgow.

This song is dedicated to them and the countless others who said "Farewell to Derry".

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