Padraig Lynch

The Butterfly

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01 - The Bridal Song

Come back to me with all your heart,

Don't let fear keep us apart.

Don't fade away like the morning cloud,

Or Like the early morning dew.

Set my love deep in your heart,

Seal your love with a wedding band.

Though health and life may fade away,

Love lives eternal, beyond the grave.

We won't ride horses anymore,

Or praise their speed and power at rein.

I love you with all my heart,

As fragrance of the lily bloom.

Hear my voice speak to your heart,

In the gentle calm of the mountain heights.

Come, I will hear you like a prayer,

With joy, in shade of the evergreen.

02 - The Rose

A rose grows in the garden,

Planted there for me,

To bloom into a flower

For all the world to see.

All yours, all yours

My love,

My life,

All yours.

I praise the word that made you,

And formed you in my soul.

The grace of every petal,

The truth true love unfolds.

All yours ....

O' Mary, gentle woman

My bouquet pleases you

To crown you full of favour

Love's garland honours you.

All yours ....

Rejoice so highly favoured,

The Lord, He is with you,

By power of the Spirit,

Let it be, through life for me.

All yours ....

03 - Desolation

(Broken Wings)

No, I never knew what love is

Til you held me through the storm.

When l sank in dreadful darkness,

My soul crushed, lost , forlorn.

My friend, my true friend.

Heal me.

Lead me through the storm.

Your hands they reached in pity,

Though you could not reason why.

My pain it shook your body,

It hurt to see you cry.

My friend, my true friend.

Heal me.

Lead me through the storm.

The truth you spoke to my heart.

My tears now filled with joy.

The love of Jesus touched me

O' Happy, blessed day.

Cannot chart this course l travel.

There are no stars to guide.

In my breast a beacon's burning.

Angels speak and you l find.

My friend, my true friend.

Heal me.

Lead me through the storm.

04 - The Harvest Song

'The man who hears the word and understands it, he is the one who yields a harvest'. Mt 13:23

( Psalm 67 )

O God be Gracious and bless us,

Let your face shine its light on us

May your ways be known on earth

And all the peoples praise you.

Al-le. Al-le, Alleluia ! (x 3)

Let all the people praise you!

Let all the people be glad and sing.

With tender love you rule as king.

Your holy spirit still lead us on.

Your peace be with your people.

Our work on earth it yields its fruit.

The Holy One has blessed us.

May God still bless and sanctify,

'Til all the peoples praise Him.

05 - Dance of the Butterfly

A Love song.

06 - The Butterfly

I got up when the sun went down

And the moon rose bright and high

To a pretty girl up the mountain pass

Til break of dawn came by.

She held my hand .

She took my heart

And flew away, away.

So Lost in dreams.

So tossed and turned

By the blue eyed butterfly

She says the paths of love aint true

I know, l know, l know.

So l hid my head in the blackest cave

In the dark of the valley 'O.

Now you love me more than you did before

Your fickle heart stands true

I fall down low upon my knee and give myself to you.

Come fly with me into the flames

Of flickering candlelight,

Let all the hurt that we have done

Consume there in the night.

Her ring is in the river

In the wake of our farewell.

Wish l recalled a wise man's words

“Son don't give all your heart”.

07 - Elide

(The wound)

Say not a word upon our parting,

Lift not your head,

nor wave to bade goodbye.

Just leave

and you

so soon shall forget me

Goodbye, goodbye my love goodbye,

Goodbye, goodbye my love dont cry.

Deep sorrow that love lies forsaken,

Cry no more,

Don't weep for me.

Just leave.....

A heart so full of love now broken,

Pity Christ

this painful memory.

Just leave.....

08 - The Wood of the Cross

There is no happiness like that in heaven,

there is no sadness like that in hell,

and such extremes as these

this world shall never know

'til death,

the dark avenger strikes

and then

the blood of the lamb wherein we're washed,

restores man to God

as promised.

The promise.

His promise,

to the ages,

long before

and since.

And how,

in the completeness of time,

His Son,

The Christ,

was for our sake,

hung up high.


a king to be watched.



feet and side.

Open wounds

caress the body of a tree.


stripped ,

cured and sapless.

Flesh of blood.

Skin of wood.

Soft bones and woodgrain,


bared and counted


as God is now

through the cross

with man



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